Yeelight E27 Color lightbulb + Motion sensor MiHome Smart Scene

Hi there! Im trying to solve this puzzle, I think I’m doing the smart scenes incorrectly.

I have yeelight color Lightbulb and Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor. I create the Smart Scene -
When Device: Motion Sensor picks up the motion - Turn on the Bulb, Wait for 5 Min (Delay) then turn off the light bulb.

In reality lightbulb can be turned off within 1 minute or less, even when I set the delay for 10 minutes.
Do you know where is a problem here?

Thank you in advance!

  1. First check whether there is an automation setting for no one to turn off the lights for 1 minute.
  2. If it is not found, it is most likely that the sensor is not well adapted to the Mijia app. Maybe you need to consult Mijia customer service.