Missing scenes

Suddenly, overnight, all my favorite scenes that I had set up for years and disappeared. Scenes from six yeelight devices

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Same for me. It’s sooooo annoying and i’m really sick of it all. First Google Home / Assistant is getting more and more unreliable and now all devices are deleted from Yeelight scenes. BRING IT BACK . Having 18 devices and i’m not setting them up to lose everything again and again. :-/


Same here, but for me it’s not just the scenes, it’s the favorites too. And it happened some days ago. I’m in Germany, probably on the Frankfurt Server.
Are your scenes completely missing? Because mine exist but they are empty / without function.

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In my case, the reality is that the puppies that are configured in the scenes have disappeared. Something that I have been doing fever for a long time

To be more precise, it seems all custom favorites got deletes and so all scenes which include custom favorites don’t work anymore, as bulbs with custom settings got deleted from the scenes. Scenes with standard settings, like just switching on/off still exist and work.

For me it’s Germany and Frankfurt server too, but on reddit there have been users with North American server.

Following all the threads in here, i guess we don’t need to expect any kind of support… Also i never got replies on feedback from inside yeelight app.


Same issue here. On top of that none of my scenes are working anymore with Alexa. Do you have a similar issue

Same issue here.

I’m not using Alexa, Google user here… but as i didn’t expect any support at all, i recreated everything from scratch. Hopefully it lasts this time! :-/

Was about to switch everything to Google actions, but they only work as expected when using the Google Home app. With voice command my scenes only work for color “pumpkin”, all other colors get response that bulb doesn’t support this feature yet…