Bluetooth Device not scanned

Hi Experts,

Recently I purchase the Yeelight cool white - warm light led-strips.

However the led controller they provided is not able to find any where from the internet. The part number is AEK-5X2A-BLE (Yeelight Bluetooth Control).

The problem is, I’m able to scan the device but when i tried to bind it, it says device not scanned and asked me to reset the device. But the problem is, there is no button for me to reset.

Anyone use this before can help me to figure how to solve the issue? Thank you

The reset method is to power on and off 5 times. Select Product manual in Yeelightpro app, which contains various device reset methods.

Managed to reset it via apps

Toolbox → factory reset data → scan nearby device

This method for all type of Bluetooth devices