Factory reset does not work for Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light 300C

Watch the video: https://youtube.com/shorts/gebqBZooI1g?feature=share

When I switch on the light it always goes through the same sequence that you see at the beginning (and the end of the video)

  • bright white light
  • yellow light
  • bluish white light
  • back to yellow
  • the brightest white light (at it remain that way).

In the video you see that I also try the factory reset proceedure (switch off and switch on 5 times) - I tried it for hours and hours, trying 2s delays, faster, slower …5 times, 7 times … anything. But no, it is always the same sequence. I never get the “pulsing light” and my Yeelight app does not recognize it.

(I have another Yeelight Ceiling Light - Arwen, that one worked and continues to work without any problems).

I will appreciate any help, or any tip what can I try to do to connect the light with the app.
Thank you!

Hello, you can try it by following the steps below

  1. First you need an Android phone, download (https://yeelight.feishu.cn/file/boxcnR6gbqbIeX0EBvmHKiOwJih) and install it
  2. Confirm the Android system version (not miui, flyme and other third-party rom versions). If it is lower than 6.0, let the user click one-click repair and proceed to step 5.
  3. If the system version is greater than or equal to 6.0, the user needs to manually set up a WiFi hotspot. First, enter the “Personal Hotspot” on the system “Settings” page, set a wlan hotspot, the network name is “miio_default”, and the encryption method/security selects “WPA2 PSK” ", password “0x82562647”, save and open this hotspot, return to the repair tool APP, click one-click repair, and proceed to step 4
  4. Power on the light again and observe the APP prompts. When the prompt is successful, it means exiting the factory successfully.

Hi Jerry,

I have iOS phone (iphone 12) and I am running the latest Yeelight app. Is there anything I can do?

As I mentioned I have no problem with the other Yeelight ceiling light (Arwen), it connected to my wifi without problems.

Please advice how to proceed, otherwise I will have to return the light in the following 5 days to receive my money back.

If you have a remote control you can do the following

  1. Pair the remote control first. If it is already paired, proceed directly to the next step. Pairing method: Keep the remote control and Yeelight ceiling lamp in the same room, turn on the ceiling lamp, do the following operations within 60 seconds of turning on the light, press the OFF + M keys on the remote control at the same time and release them immediately. At this time, the indicator light on the remote control Flashing, indicating that the connection is being made. Wait for the ceiling light to flash in a cycle, indicating that the connection is successful.
  2. Press the buttons on the remote control continuously: OFF + - + - OFF.
  3. After receiving the command correctly, the light will breathe and flash, and then reboot into user mode after 5 seconds.

There is no way to solve this problem if you don’t have a remote control or an Android phone

The trick with the remote control worked.
Thank you!