Yeelight 1S - Google Home Routines issue

I have this odd issue. I can manually change the color / brightness within Google Home this works without issue.
I can do it using voice commands ‘Hey google, turn light bedroom to green’ that all works as well.

But as soon as I make a custom routine within Google Home app the issues begins.
Lets say I want to automatically turn my bedroom light to white and the brightness to 50% when I say ‘Hey google I’m going to bed’
The only function of the routine that works is turning the light on/off. It won’t change it to 50% brightness nor change the color of the bulb.
Hey Google literally tells me ‘Yeelight doesn’t support this feature’
Which is rather odd since it clearly does?

I have a Poco X6 Pro (hyperOS, Android 14)
I have yeelight app and I have Mi Home app (All functions working without issue)
I have linked my yeelight account in Google Home
The Yeelight 1S bulbs are using the latest EU firmware

Anyone with similar issue or knows a solution to this?