YLXD50YL ceiling light not compatible with wall Smart Dimmer

I have a YLXD50YL (AKA yeelight.light.ceiling20, AKA Yeelight Guangcan 470) that had the firmware version 2.0.6_0016.
I used Mi Home to update it to 2.1.7_0030 although it’s behaving the same.

I bought a Yeelight wall dimmer model YLYKQ-0005 and connected the line (hot wire) and load wires to it. The load wire goes to the ceiling light.

Everything works well until I switch off the ceiling light. At that moment the wall dimmer stops working. The orange LED doesn’t light anymore when pressing the buttons.

I suspect what is happening is that when I turn the ceiling light off, the current stops flowing through the dimmer (or at least not enough). When that happens I can turn on the light through wifi, and the dimmer starts working again.

I’ve seen a device called “bypass” that it’s supposed to fix issues with low power led lights that produce flickering and residual current slightly powering on the LEDs. I wonder if this device could fix my problem by allowing some current flow through the wire when the ceiling lamp is turned off, so the dimmer gets enough power to keep working on that situation. Maybe not because I also need some current to go through the lamp to stay connected to BT and wifi.

Anyone had the same problem? If the bypass could fix this issue, do you have any recommendation? I’ve seen that the Shelly bypass produced some burns or explosions, and I would be kinda scared of using such a bypass.