Bedside Lamp D2 - flashes once and stops working.


I have a problem with the Yeelight Smart Lamp D2 (model: YLCT01YL).
When plugged in, the lamp works fine, but after a few moments (sometimes a day) when I touch the power switch, it flashes once and stops working. After that I have to unplug it and plug it back in.

I complained about the lamp in the store, the seller replaced it with a new one, but the new lamp has the same problem.

In both cases, after connecting, the lamps were updated to software version

I tried to power it with various chargers - Sony, Xiaomi or Ulefone, and various cables, but without any improvement.

Maybe someone had a similar problem and knows the solution?


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I have a similar problem where whenever if I turn the lamp on by touching the middle button on the panel (usually after it’s been off for some time), the lamp flashes bright white/blue-ish for a split second and then stays off, until I press again and it turns on normally

Yeelight team - please address this issue.

I’m joining you guys. I have exactly the same problem. I also can’t turn on the lamp and it disconnects from WiFi.
This happens approximately 2 minutes after the lamp is turned off. It’s as if the lamp goes into sleep mode and can’t get out of it.

It looks like I have found a solution to our problem. This lamp is not suitable for any smartphone chargers that support fast charging with a voltage higher than 5 volts. That is, they have the ability to change the voltage value. Now the lamp works great on the Redmi 9, 5V 2A charger. It is this power supply that has only this voltage and current ratio. Perhaps this only helped me. But I hope this will also be useful to someone.