Bedside Lamp D2 - flashes once and stops working.


I have a problem with the Yeelight Smart Lamp D2 (model: YLCT01YL).
When plugged in, the lamp works fine, but after a few moments (sometimes a day) when I touch the power switch, it flashes once and stops working. After that I have to unplug it and plug it back in.

I complained about the lamp in the store, the seller replaced it with a new one, but the new lamp has the same problem.

In both cases, after connecting, the lamps were updated to software version

I tried to power it with various chargers - Sony, Xiaomi or Ulefone, and various cables, but without any improvement.

Maybe someone had a similar problem and knows the solution?


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I have a similar problem where whenever if I turn the lamp on by touching the middle button on the panel (usually after it’s been off for some time), the lamp flashes bright white/blue-ish for a split second and then stays off, until I press again and it turns on normally

Yeelight team - please address this issue.