Devices got disconnected every day

HI! For a last month my Yeelight devices (e27 bulbs and 1S led strip) loosing connection every 24hrs. Looking at access point log i found that devices trying to reach and

After number of attempts devices getting disconnected. I was trying to ping mentioned adresses and find out that always unavailable.

My network is based on Unifi devices (UDM pro, switches and U6 Pro access points). All unifi devices on latest firmwares as well as Yeelight devices.

Could you please take a look and help with solution. Thanks!

Yeelight team, please support as it kinda strange to have devices that are disconnecting by their own each day!


same here. mine is on the lightstrip pro and also the yeelight monitor lamp

@sheldon @rex_yan1 @zhangchongfu

dear all! coudl you mind take a look on issue above?

as it was few years ago - no even reply from y reps…very supportive…as on owner of more than 15 y devices - looks like it’s time to take a look on something else.