Yeelight Cubes - not working

Got 2 Yeelight clock cubes within the last month (UK)

Arrived and were working fine.

Moved both the units to new locations plugged power back in and both sets of lights now don’t work. They just flash LED’s and I can hear both sets of lights clicking, the 5 second reset does not work either.

I had the same issue, contacted support and they advised of the following, switch off then switch back on, tap the device button continuously at a frequency of 2 times per second until the light breathes in different colours (do not disconnect the power in the process). For me this took about 40 seconds and was beginning to think nothing was happening. The LEDs will then light up.

Then switch off, switch back on and hold the button down for 5-10 seconds to reset them. Once they start pulsating in blue you can start adding them to the app.

Bit of a pain having to set them up again but at least they are working.