Cant connect to w1 lightbulbs.

So ive had 3 of these bulbs for a few months now, and everything worked fine. Today, I decided to reconnect the bulbs because I want them on a different wifi network, but when reconnecting, the app wasnt able to detect my lightbulbs. Ive followed the steps, tried resetting the bulbs many times, restarted my router, restarted my phone, reinstalled and tried both the yeelight, and mi home apps, tried different servers. The bulbs do appear as wifi connection points in my phone settings (xiaomi 12 btw) but the app doesnt pick up on them. Ive tried connecting my phone to the lights directly and then connecting, but that doesnt work.
I know that the bulbs arent broken, because they worked just fine until I removed them from my app and tried to reconnect them. Are there any more things I can try?