Mi bedside lamp 2 disappeared from Google home integration

I have 2 mi bedside lamp 2 devices that just disappeared from the yeelight google home integration(Xiaomi integration doesn’t help either).
Refreshing the integration does not seem to help either.

They were showing up fine until they suddenly disappeared and refuse the show up in the Google home app.

Other devices such as yeelight 1s or yeelight 2 color still work fine through Google home, but the bedside lamps only show up in the yeelight/mi home apps now.

I’m using the Oregon United States server.

Is that on purpose, and are there any plans for getting them to show up again? Thanks!

Same here. Frankfurt server. It’s my only Yeelight/Mi device.

I can select Yeelight to Link in Google Home app, but no devices found.

IFTTT is still working though and that’s usually the service I find disrupted.

I have the exact same issue. Any solution yet?

(Sort of) fixed.

Somehow logged in to Yeelight website directly and found no devices on my account.

Tried Mi home and found the lamp listed under ‘My devices’. Connected Mi home service to Google Home and lamp is back. Yay.

Now struggling to remember why I was using Yeelight originally. Something in my head says there was a definite reason to prefer Yeelight over Mihome.

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