Can't connect to Wifi: Yeelight Monitor Ligh Bar Pro

I received my Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro today. I follow the instructions, but when I can’t connect my mobile phone to the yeelink wifi.

I unplug it for 5 times to reset the device (indicated by the light flashing five times). Sometimes, the yeelink wifi shows up and sometimes it diesn’t show up. If the Wifi Network shows uo and I try to connect, it always ends up with an error message: “Unable to join the network ‘yeelink-light-lamp15_miapC312’”

The lamp then seems to restart every 30 seconds. And every other time it testarts, it seems to make a reset (with the light flashing 5 times). Here’s a video of how it acts after the reset: Video on Dropbox
At about 30 seconds, it seems to restart for the first time.

Am I doing something wrong, or did I receive a faulty item?

Thank you! :raised_hands: