smart dual control module with relay

Hi all,

I am trying to create a setup where a smart dual control module will switch a relay’s (R) control circuit on and off. The relay in turn will close the circuit of garage door controller in order for the door to be operated. The circuit looks as follows:

Switching the relay ON works fine and the relay is activated and closes the circuit. But I am facing the following problem: When I switch OFF the module in order for the the relay to open the circuit, 8 out of 10 times the module reboots and the relay is switched OFF and immediately ON again. After reboot is complete, the relay stays to ON.

I have tested the setup replacing the relay with a bulb and it works fine. Also I tried placing the relay away from the module in case it was caused by interference but got the same problem. Finally, I tried placing a resistor (tried several values) in series between the module and the relay but without results.

What could be causing these reboots to the smart module?

Thanks in advance,