CubeMatrix - set_seqment_rgb parameters

i have a Yeelight Smart Cube and i want control the LED’s of the matrix.
But i cant find any documentation about. When the device is discovered, it reports that it supports the set_segment_rgb and update_leds methods

Which params are needed for these methods?

I am on the trail

{"id":1,"method":"set_segment_rgb", "params": :[255, 16743680, 0, 0, 16711680]}

This json payloads sets the matrix to line 1 = blue, line 2 = orange, line 3 & 4 = off, line 5 = red
This can be continued every device attached to the matrix are the next index of the params array
But how can i set a single point?

did u manage to solve this at all ?

Not, it seems it is not fully implemented.