Connection of Yeelight Arwen Ceiling light 550c to Smartthings

I am using Arwen Ceiling light 550c in my home.
I recognize the lamp in smartthings app with your Yeelight integration.
I have a problem that when I am Turning on the lamp with your Yeelight wireless switch in the smartthings app I am still see it ass OFF but in front of me the lamp turned on.
I can’t know from the Smartthings app if the lamp is really on or not. I have to go and check physically if the lamp on.

I mean there is no Sync from the lamp when I turn it on from yeelight wireless switch and Smartthings app during your integration.
This lamp is Sync to Yeelight app and not to Mi Home app.

Just to say, I have more 3 lamps of yeelight ceiling light 320 that working with Xiaomi home app + smartthings.
When I am turning them on from the wireless switch, I also see an update in Smartthings that the lamp switch to ON.

There is any solution for it?