Mi Band and Ceiling Lamp R900 pairing problem. Mi Band Compatibility?


Which highest version of the Mi Band can be paired with the A2101R900 ceiling lamp?

I use the ceiling lamp switch off when I fall asleep as a night automation trigger in Homekit.

I can pair Mi Band 3 with the lamp on both my Android phone and iPad. But the new Smart Band 7 is not visible neither in the Yeelight app nor in Mi Home. I’ve tried both Android and iPad.
I also tried both European and Chinese servers. MiBand 3 always pairs without problems, Mi Band 7 does not.

I wanted to replace my MiBand 3 with a newer one, but I can’t, which makes me very disappointed. The “Auto off after sleep” feature when pairing the Mi Band with the Yeelight light is very important to me.