Yeelight dual control modul wifi disconnect (YLAI002)

Hello! I have 3ea yeelight dual control module. They are roughly 2 years old, have worked flawlessly until now, but since the last month they always lose the wifi signal. In this case, they work with the traditional switch, but they also disappear in the Mi home app and from the list of devices connected to the router. At first I thought they were in the default state (it happened before, children switched them on 5 times quickly), but in this case I can see the device with wifi and bluetooth with the phone, as if it were a new device. But unfortunately that’s not the problem. In such cases, all I can do is turn off the power supply, after that the devices connect without any problems and work well for a while, then they go offline again. The time for this varies, I can’t connect it to any other event. I really don’t understand what could be the problem. The age of the 3 devices is different, they are in different rooms, but on the same network. The wifi signal is strong (xiaomi mesh). Other smart devices are not affected by the error, and there are many Xiaomi, Yeelight & others in the house.