Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro ambient controlling problems


Lamp model: YLTD003

I’ve purchased 2pcs. Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro and got some problems with control of rear ambient lighting.

  1. Unable to control ear ambient lighting through Google Home or Yandex Alice

Yes, when you set your integration, you can only to control front main color temperature lamp, but can’t control ambient lighting. The only one way to control ambient lighting is to control it through Mi Home or Yeelight app.

  1. Unable to sync ambient light with Yeelight Light Strip or Yeelight Bulb color

Even if you group your devices, you’ll only control color of your Yeelight bulb/strip and front color temperature of the Screen Light Bar Pro.

So this behaviour makes the device unusable to get co-operation with other Yeelight colored lamps.

I guess it will be good solution to add this lamp as two separate lights in Google Home/Yandex Alice and other 3-rd party apps, and provide ambient color sync with other Yeelight lamps.

Please fix this issue with the firmware update if possible or create some new settings, or ability to choose front/rear side to sync or control. For the main one there is remote controller.

Thank you.