Need help on configuring Yeelight bought 5 years back..model is YLDP02YL.India

Hi…I live in India and bought this Yeelight smart bulb many years back from Aliexpress China and it was working well. I have not been using it for sometime. Now I want to use it again and forgot how it was configured earlier and hence trying to set it up again.

First I tried Mi home app - it is having trouble setting it up. However it shows that a bulb has been configured earlier but now it is region blocked. Seems like it will work only in China. I tried changing my location to China …however it wants a Chinese phone number to log in…so I gave up

Then I tried the Yeelight app - no matter what I do - it is failing to set up.

Please help me out…is there any other way of setting this bulb up? or should be Just throw it in garbage?

In the Yeelight app - I turned on and off 5 times …it color recycles and then becomes white…then I go to the app and click on next and it starts to Scan…above the scanning revolving circle…I see 34:CE:00:8C:C8:EC…since scanning does not work…I select the 34:CE and click next…it shows my wifi SSID…i click next…says searching for device…then says it wants to use temporarry wifi…i say connect…says connection successful…but there is a blue circle with a number in blue inside…keeps going to 100%.updating connection status.just a sec…after it becomes 100% says connection timed out.

what do I do next…PLS HELP!!!