Yeelight C2001C450 - not answering in home kit and Yeelight app after few days

Good day,

I don’t know for what reason, but the lights from the homekit started disconnecting on their own, and they are leaving me without answering. It works like this for 5 days and then they disconnect. I have to hard restart them through the fuses then they start up, but last time one didn’t start up and I had to re-pair them and add them to the scenes, which is annoying.

these are lights: Yeelight C2001C450

any help ? I have everything up to date. Ios / firmware / yeelight app

Hello provide your mi id, we open the whitelist upgrade firmware try

Here you are : 1806295582

I still have that problem i do not know why :confused: Again lights goes offline

Any updates ? it is really frustrating to every week restart fuses ?

Hi can somebody help me with this i really do not have idea how to fix that.

Helllo can anybody help i still have problems with disconecting and not working devices.

Can finally somebody help me ? it is really annoying :confused:


I’v got the same issue with 2x A2001 900 (YLXD033) and 1x A2001 450 (YLXD032)…

MI ID: 8209179016 (I am on the Europe Server (Frankfurt)!)

Now the 450 is no longer accessible again. A simple power reset doesn’t help…
Now that means re-pairing and adding all it to all 23 scenes in Homekit?!

This is just unreal.