Yeelight Pro S20 Gateway(black) vs Yeelight Gateway(White)

Are they different in any way other than color? Both have the same model YLWG01YL

Hello, you have two different Yeelight Pro S20 Gateway(black) vs Yeelight Gateway(White) but they have the same model ylwg01yl. How do they differ? And is it possible to change the firmware on the white gateway in order to connect it to the application Yeelight Pro?

Hello, yeelight Pro products should be connected to black gateway. You can connect to the yeelight Pro APP. White gateway is another gateway that yeelight series products need to be connected to. Both yeelight APP and Mijia APP can be used. Both gateways use different products and different apps, so they cannot be used interchangeably.

Will the white gateway have Matter support?

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I have same question

Hello. Have you completely buried the “old” gateway? Maybe it can somehow be flashed to the Pro version? They even have the same model, they differ only in color and firmware.

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