MI LED Ceiling Light LAN Control

Please enable LAN control on my Mi LED Ceiling Light device. I’ve been trying to use it with both IFTTT and samsung smart things, but both services failed me, so I want to be able to use it with LAN Control of my choice. My ID is 1674416700, currently on Mainland server, but ideal would be Frankfurt, or activating it on both

I switched to Europe and Africa (Frankfurt) server, please allow me to use LAN Control functionality.

Hello, LAN control is supported on yeelight app. However, it can only be opened under one server

Then I’ll be staying On Frankfurt (Europe & Africa)

Please enable lan control on my Mi LED Ceiling Light, my ID is 1674416700, I’m staying on Europe and Africa (Frankfurt) server, I’m still waiting to finally be able to use it

Hi @Pitgram, any changes? I’m still hoping something will happen with these lights. They are unusable after the firmware update.

None at all. My lamp works if I try to control it through yeelight app, but what I need is to be able to change it’s state through LAN control

I’m trying to use it in Home Assistant, but it can be controlled only via cloud. Earlier version of the Yeelight app has the LAN control switch, but it doesn’t do anything, I cannot ping the light. Shame on Xiaomi…