LED light blinking/flickering sometimes, turning on itself in middle of the night

Been using for around 6 months only, seems like its already faulty so fast? Seller says up to 25,000 hours of usage, but warranty is only 3 months, wonder how can i clock 25000 hours in 3 months.

Anyway, basic troubleshooting done, using 220v and not a dimmer, is able to connect to Mi Home app to turn on and off.

Recently had this issue where it just powers on in middle of the night, and sometimes it blinks & flickers uncontrollably. Firmware is the latest already.

Hello, the shelf life of the product is not so short, you can consult with the purchasing store. It looks like there is a problem with the drive power supply. We can try to apply for after-sales service

Purchasing store told me to send it back to check, and pay for the fees. I bought it for RM30 (Malaysia), sending back will be RM8, delivering back to me is RM8, and this is excluding the fees to fix, so it’s not worth it.

Maybe just bad luck, but seller is not willing to fix for free as it has been more than 3 months.

Hello, I’m sorry, I just consulted relevant colleagues, because different countries may have different after-sales policies, and overseas after-sales needs to contact the agent