Yeelight app: feature to rearrange the scene icons

Hi. Please make it possible to rearrange the scene icons by drag and drop or make it possible to sort. Thanks

Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider implementing this feature.

Thank you. May I suggest also possibility to create group also and then can add the scenes in the group. So group can be called “Living Room” then can have different kinds of scenes in it.

Do you mean to add a secondary menu on the scene page, so that the scene can be placed in different rooms for easy search?

Yes… Name of group can be renamed. When pressed and hold, a submenu can appear to select the scene.

If too complicated, then on press the group name, just have a dedicated page with group → scenes with a back button.

The group folders can co-exist with the top level scenes (with sorting option).

Coz I find now my scenes are too clustered and different rooms scenes bunch up together. So it’s difficult to use.

I have understood what you mean. I will feed back this requirement to my colleagues and optimize it in the future version