My Fiance lost all shared devices from app

I have shared with my fiance all devices I was using in the yeelight application. But after one month they were all gone at her Iphone. Only groups were left with number of devices next to ? Sign. But those devices was not visible outside groups. Moreover there were some Chinese signs in groups and devices were not possible to be removed. We removed all groups, but I can not share devices once again, because I am receiving message that devices are already shared. What can I do now? Should I reset once again all devices? She has empty devices tab… I have shared home in the Mi Home app as well and it is working fine, but in Mi Home we are missing one lamp which is for Chinese market. In Yeelight I have all lamps and everything is working fine. Can you somehow help me?

Please check which server your fiance chooses when logging in the yeelight app. Whether it is the same as your account. In addition, you can cancel the sharing in the device sharing option in the Mijia app, and then share again

It is the same. She was logged in, and devices disappeared. They are present in the Mi Home app. I should download the Miija application to cancel sharing?? Recently I reset Arwen lamp and was not able to share it after the reset. My fiance had to reset it and share it to me, but after couple of days arwen lamp disappeared from her yeelight application again.