yeelink.light.ceiling3 - random offline status

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light
Model: yeelink.light.ceiling3
Firmware: 2.0.2_0048
Server: Frankfurt
Lan Control: Working OK

  • Random offline status.
  • Only recoverable after power cycle (everyday).

My ID: 1577038020

Please add me to whitelist.

Thank you very much!

@BPSoft Hello :slight_smile: I’m having the exact same issues. Have you got the upgrade? Did it fixed your problem?

@janez33 Still no response from Yeelight.
I’m losing wifi connection everyday and power cycling the circuit breaker at the same pace.
Wifi router at 3 meters from the device.
Incredible lack of support.

Still no help…

Still no help…

My three Yeelight lamps behave similarly. The connection is not broken every day, but it is broken very often. Many times not all lamps are affected at the same time…

Sometimes the “power” reset helps, sometimes not.

Unfortunately, this is more problematic to my setup, because I no longer have any physical light switches. I have to turn the circut breaker for the entire floor on/off 5 times! - and then I still have to hope fore luck, that the reset worked the first time…

The WiFi is from Ubiquiti (UDM-SE) and I set up the lamps via Apple Homelkit…

Firmware versions of the lamps:
A2001 900 (YLXD76YL) 2.1.14
A2001 900 (YLXD76YL) 2.1.14
A2001 450 (YLXD76YL) 2.1.14
Bedside Lamp (YLCT03YL) 2.1.31

MI ID: 8209179016

Server: Frankfurt (Europe/ Africa)

Help requested!

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Unbelievably, a month ago, after many years of successful operation, I had the same problem with two of my Yeelight 650 ceiling lights.
Both have firmware 2.0.2_0056, Frankfurt server.
They lose connection with the Yeelight app several times a day! In this case, the remote control also stops controlling it. Only turning off/on the power helps to regain control for a few hours.
Please help!