Yeelight W1 GU10 - Chinese Server

Hi there,

I’ve got here about 30 xiaomi devices in my appartement and I’m connected through the chinese mainland server currently, although I’m in Germany.

Nethertheless, I just wanted to add 4 additional Yeelight W1 dimmeble GU10 bulbs and here’s what is curious:

2 of 4 bulbs were found after fresh reset and could be added right into the app.
the other 2 can’t be find. several resets later tried to switch to German server to check if I can find them there: and HELLO - flawless connection on first try.

after switching MiHome app to EU server - same. GU10 found just fine.
GU10 on chinese server (even those 2, which are in the yeelight app) won’t be shown there - so any automation is obsolete here. :frowning:

switching everything to EU server would be a headache. any solutions from YeeLight?!

Kind regards Lukas

I’ve the same problem, GU10 w1 only work with european server and I’ve everything in China server, my other devices don’t work unless they are on China server.

Any solution??

Sorry, due to the sales strategy, different products are only allowed to work under specific servers, and we have no solution for this