[Ceiling Light][firmware update] I fear losing LAN. Anyone has tips?

Due to the messaging around losing LAN control I never updated my Yeelight lights.
I have some issues with Home Assistant (unresponsiveness, ceiling light dissapears after toggling on and off) and am contemplating whether a firmware update might help me.

Anyone out there that has experience with this? Will I keep LAN control with firmware 2.1.7_0011? I’d like to update as they but I fear losing LAN. Anyone has tips? Thanks.

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Updating firmware will not lose LAN control. Only Xiaomi lights cancel the LAN control function, and now Xiaomi lights do not support access to yeelight app. So the LAN control function of the devices you can see on yeelight app is always supported

Thank you! I’ll update one light to see if it works.

Solved. Ceiling light firmware updated and kept LAN control. Thank you!