Can't add Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced Version

Hi. There is no option to add the new MIJIA Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced Version to the yeelight app. Please add It.
I can only control the lamp with MIJIA app for the moment.



Anyone from yeelight staff?

Sorry, yeelight app cannot be used for Mijia brand lamps at present. All Mijia lights are not allowed to access

What? That´s not true. I can use Mijia desk lamp and mijia desk lamp 1s with yeelight app. Please add desk lamp 1s enhanced version.

Please provide your Xiaomi account, so that I can check the specific model of your equipment

I have two models:

MJTD01SYL -->Works with yeelight app
MJTD01SSYL -->Doesn´t work with yeelight app

It´s the same lamp, but the older is RA 90, and the new RA 95.

Funny that the lamp appears in the splash screen of the yeelight app, but you can´t add it.