Two lamps died at once

Hi everybody. Two lamps died at once:(
My lamps: Yeelight Arwen Smart LED Ceiling Light 450C YLXD013-B, MI ID:1628090849
What happened:
I installed two lamps and they turned on the first time. Initially, it was possible to connect only one lamp through the application, and the second one was no longer possible, so I first set up one, then disconnected it from the station and started setting up the second one from scratch. It seemed to work, but when I returned the first one to the station, it stopped working. I thought that the problem was in the station, and I swapped the lamps, leaving the stations in the same place, but nothing changed - only one lamp worked. After a couple of moments, the second one also died. Is this a factory defect? What to do?
I connected a regular chandelier to the same wires and everything works as before.