Can't Reset Yeelight Ceiling Light

Hello. Recently, I bought a ceiling light Yeelight A2001C550.
The light is connected to Yeelight Wireless Smart Dimmer. It works fine with it and has paired without problems.
But when I tried to reset the light to connect to the Yeelight app and to the remote control that came with the lamp, I couldn’t do it. It just won’t start blinking, no matter how many times I switch it off and on, and how fast. I did many attempts without success.

What I tried (using Yeelight wireless smart dimmer):

  • Switch on and off 5 times with 2s intervals
  • Switch on and off 5 times with 1s intervals
  • Switch off and on 5 times with 2s intervals
  • Switch off and on 5 times with 1s intervals
  • Same as above 7 times (as for Xiaomi products)
  • Switch on and off many times in a row at different intervals in hope that at some point lamps will reset.

I’ve read that connection should be done within 60 seconds after switching the lights on. Tried in that time frame without success.

I’ve also read about the YeelightTool.apk that might help, but it didn’t work too.
Created a hotspot with provided settings (name - miio_default, password - 0x82562647, encryption method - WPA2), but the ceiling light didn’t connect to it. (within 60 seconds after switching the lights, or ever).

Regarding the remote control, I did as the instructions say - press ‘M’ and ‘-’ until the light on the remote starts blinking, and wait for connection. I guess without ceiling light reset mode it wouldn’t work anyway but I tried.

Is there any other way to connect the lamp to the app and remote?

This will sound incredibly stupid but I figured out the way to reset the lamp minutes after writing this post. In order to reset the lamp, I physically disconnected and connected it to the ceiling five times. :smiley:
This way, the reset procedure started and I was able to connect the device to the Yeelight app. I’m sure it will be able to connect to the remote as well, will do it another time.
So my guess here is that switching on and off with wireless and wired switchers is somehow different in the ‘brains’ of the lamp. Which is a disappointment because I don’t have a wired switcher for the lamp.
In a bedroom, I have Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light MJXDD01SYL which doesn’t have a convenient removal mechanism. Imagine, I’ll need to unscrew and disconnect-connect the power wire many times if I want to do the reset on that one. Crazy.

I hope this will help others who struggle with resetting. And I hope the reset mechanism will change. Otherwise, great product so far.