Can't make scenes in Yeelight app with my Yeelight Smart LED M2 color bulbs

Hi can somebody help me - everything went well with connecting the mesh bulbs to the gateway, but I still have problems making a scene in the Yeelight app. I bought the bulbs to be able to make a fake “sunrise” in the morning, when I have to wake up. I guess that’s what the “scene” function is for right?

When I try to make a scene, I have to “choose” a room and even though I made a room, it doesn’t show. The only room showing is “unallocated room”, but when I click on that the “next” button is greyed out, so I can’t choose it (see the attached photo). What do I do now? I just want to make a timer so that the fake sunrise will start in the morning before my alarm clock goes off. That’s all….

Don’t you have some guiding videos or something like that? The app is very difficult to understand, and there so no guidance what so ever…. Disappointing.

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First of all, please provide your Xiaomi account. I need to know the model of your equipment. Second, you can check to see if you have added equipment to the room. Finally, you can choose not to use the provided template and create a custom scene

Hi Morgan. Thank you so much for your quick answer. My Xiomi account number is: 8189586618. Is that the info you need? What do you mean with the model of my equipment? I bought 3 Smart LED M2 color bulbs for my lamp in my bedroom. I bought the Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Gateway through a Danish shop. Here is the link:
I don’t have any other equipment than that. I know that I can create a custom scene, but the thing is that I can’t even make my own or use a custom since I have to choose a “room” first. Even though I made a room, it does not seem to show under the “create scene” tab. It’s only showing an “unallocated room” as you can see in the picture… Can you help me any further please?
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I’m sorry that your lamp does not support setting the scene at present, so it does not show. This function may be realized later

It’s not the lamp, but the light bulbs you mean right? Are you totally sure about this? I bought the Smart LED M2 color light bulbs for this specific reason. It seems like they are made for this to work?? And if these bulbs do not work to create a scene, which do???

Morgan can you please help me further??