Scenes are missing

Hi, I’m in the European server, running 3.3.40 on iPhone 13 max with latest os, yesterday some scenes didn’t load and had problems with deleting/change them, now all scenes are gone, including the templates and when I try to create a new one it keeps disappearing after creation. Please advice!


Same problem here. I am running yeelight app on android.

Yday all my saved “favorites” disappeared (same for my wife phone).
I cannot save new one as well.
Tried to reset both bulbs but after adding them problem remain.

Seems to me like server problem (i am using eu server)


Same for last 2 days. “Server error, please try again later”. Scenes dissapeared, unable to create new. Android 11, app updated.
ID 6409887811

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Same here, on Frankfurt Server, both on android and ios.

  • Favorites are gone
  • preset scenes gone (want to schedule sunrise scene on the Lightstrip Plus but there are no scenes to select from)
  • Trying to create my own “Customization” gives an error when trying to save it: “Saving failed, please check your network and retry”
    *All this already on a new account since the previous one was not working correctly already the last days… couldn’t delete customizations, scenes etc. Customizations didn’t apply correctly to multiple devices at once, etc

My id: 8193638785
My Devices (all on latest firmware)

  • Yeelight Lightstrip plus
  • Yeelight Smart led bulb 1S (Color)
  • Mi bedside lamp 2

Same here, on frankfurt Server
All my scenarios have disappeared, the favourites are no longer saved, as well as the recommended scenarios are no longer displayed, I can also no longer create a new scenario, “Server error, please try again later”, (server Europe).
My id: 6239252915
My Device (same, all on latest firmware)
4 Yeelight Smart led bulb (color)


Seems to be working again (no changes on my side - they probably fixed the server), at least now:

  • can create my own customisations
  • can save new scenes and use customisations on them
  • can schedule alarms and use recommended preset scenes or my customisations
    Not sure if something else is missing as this is all I was using