Yeelight Ceiling Light C2001C450 not pairing with the yeelight app

I bought recently the Yeelight Ceiling Light C2001C450 220V 50W Smart Lamp but can’t add it to yeelight app (Europe server). The light has been added to the the apple home app, as YLCeilingLight-5CC0, and is working properly. I’ve tried adding it both as a new device after reset it and as an accessory from Home (Apple Home app) with no success

Please try whether this ceiling lamp can be connected to the mainland server. If it can be successfully connected, please provide your Xiaomi account, so that I can check the specific reason

The light successfully connected to the yeelight app by changing to mainland server.
My MI ID is 6237549949

May I ask through what channel did you buy this ceiling lamp? This lamp is the domestic version, which does not support the connection to the overseas server

Hi, I bought it from the site I didn’t know that the light does not support Europe server.

Could you please provide the purchase link?

Could you explain more precisely what you mean by “the purchase link”?

There are many stores on AliExpress. I want to know which store you bought from. Could you please provide a website so that I can directly see the store where you bought this lamp

The link that I bought the light is:

You have bought the wrong device. This device does not support connecting to overseas servers. Please contact the seller for return or exchange