YLDP06YL bulbs not working/burning smell/board?

So let me first start off that I’ve had so many bulbs for about four maybe five years and I absolutely love the versatility on them. I had one die last year and just simply bought another one but now I’ve had my second one die and I’m wondering if there is a reason they die so easily?
I have tried everything of the router and with flipping power on off and resetting but the bulbs in question do nothing. Like my first one that was failing I took the lens off the front and noticed a burning smell and can see black char on the edge of the board. Is this common or have I just been in lucky on two bulbs? I will also mention that I am an electrician and recommend your product to many of my friends and family who also enjoy them. Love the company and the product just hope these don’t keep dying so easily. Any ideas? Any kind of warrenty?