Problems with Alexa

So I’ve had several Yee Light color bulbs for a couple of years now, they’ve always worked great with Amazon Alexa and have never had any issues. However, 2 of my bulbs are acting odd with Alexa. I can turn them on and off using my voice, but when I ask them to change the color, Alexa says “sorry, the big lamp isn’t responding.” It would usually give me this message if the power switch was turned off, but it’s obviously on since I just told her to turn it on and it worked. This also doesn’t makes sense because “is not responding” indicates she can’t communicate with it, even though she just turned it on. Any ideas on what’s going on here? In the Alexa app it says the color is red but it’s actually white, and I have no issues controlling the light and it’s color with the yee light app on my iPad.