Yeeligh disconnected

Is there any problem? I can not control it from my phone. I am in another city.

My ID is 636112973

Hello, can you provide the model number of the product?

How can I find it? I am another city. The package is at home but I found my order number. It says Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 Rgb

Hello, this device is not found in the account you provided. You can first confirm whether this device is in the connected state.

636-112-99-73 can you check it again please? The previous one was wrong. I could see the device until last Sunday.

Hello, there is a W3 bulb lamp displayed under the European server of this account, but the lamp is displayed offline, so your APP cannot control the device now. You can check whether the power supply of the device is normal or whether the network in your home is normal.

I am in another city not. I cannot control it. I set the program online from Monday to Sunday. DO you think it will continue like this?

It says 1011 error

I did not do anything but it came back to normal now.