Can detect MJDPL01YL on the Yeelight App


I have a problem with my Yeelight bulb model : MJDPL01YL.
I just can’t detect it via the Yeelight App. I want to detect it by the Yeelight because I’d like to enable the LAN control on it.

I am using, Yeelight App version 3.4.7 on EU servers.

I’ve tried multiple ways to solve this problem. Of course I reset the bulb multiple times (5 times switching it on and off until I see all the colors changing). I’ve tried to add the bulb via Xiaomi Home but the LAN Control option wasn’t available. Then, I tried downloading an older version of the app in 3.2.3 but I cannot log on it.
Finally, I tried to swith to another server (Beijing) and still nothing, I can’t detect the bulb.

If anyone has advices, that would be great !

Thank you,