New bulb just has a delay

Hi guys, i upgraded my setup from 3 bulbs to 4, so i bought a new bulb and added it to the light group

the original 3 are 3 smart led bulb color, the new one is a smart led bulb 1S color, dunno if this means something

It works well and integrated almost perfect, but i noticed that everytime i start a command or a scene, the new bulb immediately execute, but the other 3 do after a short delay (like half of a second late), the 3 older bulbs are perfectly sync between themselves, but the new one doesn’t, that isn’t a big issues but it becomes annoying with some scenes (for example: if i just start a color cycle with all four bulbs, the original 3 become green just a bit late after the new one, so the new one is always showing a different color than the others, if the cycle is red-green-blue, the new one turns green immediately, the other 3 are still red/yellow, then when the original 3 turn green, the new one is already turning blue… )

can i do something to fix this? can i just “delay” the new bulb in some way to match the other 3?

thankyou for all!

ps: all the bulbs are firmware updated

i tried to make a clip of the issue
i slowed it down by half speed to enanche the effect

Hello, are all four bulbs the same model? Have you tried deleting the light set and creating a new one to see?

hi zhangjiaxin, unfortunately not: they’re not all the same, 3 bulbs are an older model (smart light bulb color), the new one is a smart led bulb 1S color, because i can’t find the old model anymore, they only sell this new one where i live.
yes i already tried deleting and adding again and deleting and recreating scenes, but in every scenario the new one reacts a bit sooner than the other 3