Yeelight Filament Bulb loses WiFi connection

The filament light bulbs have been losing the WiFi connection for a long time. That seems to be due to the firmware. I have already tried several WLAN AccessPoints, but the problem persists. The reception strength is very good, but the WLAN connection is not stable.

Is there possibly a solution or a beta firmware for which you can unlock me?

Thank You!

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Please provide your Xiaomi account,let me know what the current version of the lamp

My MI-ID is 8168940419

The devices have the latest firmware installed.

Thank You!

can you whitelist me for firmware updates?

My current firmware is: 2.0.6_0013

Now you can try to update the firmware to 2.1.7_0020, and then watch for a while to see if the problem has been solved

thank you! I have now performed the update. Some lamps flicker from time to time and are not accessible via the app at this moment. However, the WLAN connection has not been disconnected so far. I’ll get back to you in a few days and report back

The lamps have not yet lost the WLAN connection. However, they keep flickering and cannot be used for a few minutes.

As soon as I disable LAN control in the Yeelight app, they no longer flicker. But I need the LAN control.

When I bought the lamps, older firmware was installed. Is it possible to install older firmware?

If you want to downgrade to the previous version, you need to connect the device to the mainland server, and then share the device to account 268240019. I will try to help you downgrade the device

okay, i will do that tonight.

I bought the first Yeelight bulb in February 2022. At this point everything worked perfectly. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which firmware that was. I would like the firmware from February 2022. Then everything would work perfectly again

I have now connected the lightbulbs to the mainland and shared them with your account.

Can you please install the firmware from February 2022? So everything went without any problems

Many Thanks!

When you reported the problem, the firmware version of your bumb was 2.0.6_0013. Has there been any problem with this version? You want to downgrade to an earlier version than 2.0.6_0013?

Yes, when I reported the issue, the lightbulbs would lose wifi connection very often. This no longer occurred with firmware 2.1.7_0020, but they now flicker with the LAN control switched on.

So I’d like to use an earlier firmware. If possible, the firmware from February 2022. Everything worked very well there.

LAN-Control is very important for me. I would like to use the firmware from February 2022 again. At that time I bought my first Yeelight Bulb and was completely satisfied. There weren’t any problems.

Is that possible?

Sorry, I tried to downgrade a bulb, but now the device is offline, I think the device does not support downgrade to an early version. First, you can try to reset and reconnect the bulb to see if it can be restored to normal. If it still cannot be used, please return and replace it after sale. Other devices are also unable to downgrade. I suggest you check your program. Under normal circumstances, there will be no flickering even if lan control is turned on, it should be your program sending some instructions to the bulb

ok i’ll try that.

I’m not using any program at the moment. As soon as I switch on the LAN control in the app, the lamp starts to flicker. There is currently no program running. Is there another firmware? Can you whitelist me for future updates?

Good News!

I just checked the lamp. The downgrade worked. The firmware that is now installed is 2.0.6_0011

Can you please try the downgrade on the other lamps?


So with the current firmware (2.0.6_0011), the lamp regularly loses the WLAN connection again.

Can we please try an older firmware? Preferably the one from February 2022.

I can’t downgrade to a lower version, it might cause damage to the equipment. I have upgraded your Dekolampe to version 2.1.7_0018, please see if this version can solve your problem

okay thank you very much. I’ll test it and then report back

if everything works with firmware 2.1.7_0018, can you update the other lamps to the same firmware?

Firmware 2.1.7_0020 is currently installed on the other lamps. The downgrade worked very well last time.

So, there’s news. The lamp is working again without any problems. The connection is now stable and the lamp no longer flickers. So the firmware 2.1.7_0018 is perfect.

I released the other lamps for you. Can you please also update to firmware 2.1.7_0018? Some lamps have already installed the firmware 2.1.7_0020. Can you also update this to firmware 2.1.7_0018? That worked great last time.

Thank you very much! :hugs: