LAN control unavailable?

Hi there, my two yeelight devices (yeelink.light.lamp1 and yeelink.light.bslamp2) could not open LAN control any more. Would you please add them to whitelist? Mi ID 6337053

Dear, Mihome APP officially says that LAN control function is no longer supported. If you need to use it, you can try using yeelight APP to enable it.

Thanks. Actually I was using the yeelight app all the time but these two lights were no longer in the LAN control tab.

Sorry, if there is no LAN control function entry on yeelight APP, it is because the lamp itself does not support this function, so the device setting page of APP will not display this function.

Actually when I bought these two lights in 2020, they did support LAN control. I just want it back since I have to add them to Home Assistant

I guess the Mi home app updated them without informing me