Google Nest Hub 2nd gen sunrise alarm not working (gentle wakeup)

Hello everyone,

my yeelight staria pro bedside lamp is not working correctly with the sunrise alarm of the google nest hub 2nd gen (even not with the sunset dimming / gentle sleep).

I set up the sunrise alarm and select the the yeelight staria lamp.
It will correctly switch one some time in advance of the wakeup time at a low brightness.
But then it remains at this level instead of getting brighter over time towards the alarm time. Curious: When I cancel the wakeup process with the “sunrise button” on the google nest hub by myself, it does become a lot brighter. So the communication is still working at this moment.

With my philips hue lamps the sunrise alarm is working fine.

Did someone manage to get the sunrise alarm on the google nest hub 2nd gen with yeelight lamps working?


Edit: the sunrise is also not working with the Xiaomi /Mi desk lamp pro. Same behaviour as with the staria bedside lamp.

For some reason, it suddenly works fine!

Maybe they changed something in the background.
I did not change anything.

Sadly today morning it stopped working again.
After that I started a test alarm and then it worked fine.
I guess there are still some improvements neccessary at yeelights or googles backend.