Lost connection to Yeelight and now can't setup again (stuck at 25%)

I have a few Yeelights at my home, but the “older” one, a YLPD06YL, I’ve also been using for years, but suddenly it stopped appearing in my Yeelight app.

I’ve deleted it, but can’t add it again. It always fails the connection at 25%.

  • I’ve a dedicated 2.4 Ghz network
  • I’ve DNS on the router and
  • I have Europen server, tried Singapore server but same error.
  • I do see the yeelight ip on the DHCP of the router, but to be honest it has no timestamp, so I don’t from when it is

I have no idea what to do, all my other yeelights are fine.

Any idea?

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Hello, were you able to find a solution?