Yeelight Arwen shows as 2 devices in Google Home (one for ambient one for main light)

After having some issues with the Arwen light in Google home, linked it again from the Yeelight app.
This caused the Google Home to see 10 devices from the Yeelight app, where I only have 9.
The extra device is the Arwen light, which is now split into 2 lights, one for the regular main light (white - warm/cool) and one for the ambient light (the colored light).
I unlinked the Yeelight app from the Google Home, I removed (reset) the Arwen light from the Yeelight app, and even after all this, when connecting the Arwen light again and linking it to the Google Home, it still sees the Arwen as 2 different lights (and 10 devices in the Yeelight link instead of the 9 that are there).
Please help me restore it to the previous state where the Google Home sees only 9 devices and I have total control from the it on both the main and ambient light in one single light.


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I have the same problem. After my Arwen 450C could not be controlled by Google Home, I have reconnected Yeelight App. However, I see 2 devices now, one for the main and the other for ambient. Deleting and reconnecting device in Yeelight app and the app itself did not solve the issue. BTW, integration with Mi-Home app does not have this problem (only shows 1 device).

How this can be fixed? It drives me crazy! :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Hello, the synchronization scheme is designed in this way, is to achieve the main light and atmosphere light control respectively in Google