M2 & M3

I bought 4 m2 and 4 m3 spot lights. And Want to test the difference between them… and I found that the m2 don’t work without the mesh,but the m3 was directly connected to the Xiaomi router (AX6000) for networking. After buying the mesh, m2 can also be used.
I think m3 is more convenient in this way, so I went to ask the customer service whether there is such a difference in connection, but the customer service clearly stated that m2 and m3 are connected in exactly the same way! This is just an accident! But all m3 lights I bought can work in this way… it should not happen occasionally.
I want to ask for help. Is there anyone who knows relevant knowledge and can popularize it?

Hello, M2 and M3 tube spotlights are Bluetooth version, the connection mode of the two is the same, both need Bluetooth gateway, they are different parameters, such as: power, light flux and so on