Future of LAN control and Matter


So the bedside lamp got LAN control disabled by Xiaomi.

Are there any other devices that Xiaomi can require you to disable lan control for?

Or are the other products (branded Yeelight only) safe from that?

For example the Yeelight D2 bedside lamp?

Additionally, can we get a list of devices with planned Matter support?

Thank you.

Ay can I get some response here?

Hello, all products have to cancel the function of joining Mijia LAN. Yeelight Pro all products will support Matter agreement. The products entering Mijia haven’t been settled yet, we will work out the list later


  1. Not sure I understand, all Mijia branded products will have their LAN control disabled?
    What about non Mijia products (for example YLDP02YL)?

  2. About matter, will yeelight (non pro and non mijia) products support it? (for example YLWG01YL)

Thank you!

HI, mihome has disabled LAN function. If using yeelight device, try using yeelight app LAN function

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Hi , I’m using yeelight device : yeelink.light.color4
and I have enabled LAN mode on yeelight app . but still my device is not reachable through local ip, not pingable , and there is no way to start tcp connection with it . If I knew this issue of disabling lan mode , I NEVER would buy this product and definitely consider different brands, because I had some plan to create my own remote controller for my bulb , using my arduino , and now this stuff is useless and wasting money for me

Hello, yeelight device can open LAN mode on yeelight app. It can be controlled through LAN. You can try to close and open it again