Yeelight lightstrip 1S pairing issue


I am unable to connect my new Yeelight lightstrip 1S to my system.

When i finish the pairing process, the device is added to my other appliances. After a few seconds, it disappears from the list.

The product is new and I can’t return it. Any idea what could be wrong?
Here is a video link to see what is happening:

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Hello, please send me your Mi Jia account number

I’m experiencing the same issue, I’ve tried to reset the device, my router, and using a different network but it still wont connect to the application :frowning:

I have issues after fw update with connecting the two led strips to the router in Poland.
Is there anything you can help with @zhangchongfu ?

Mi account id: 287489166

is there anyone who can help me ?

Had this problem after firmware update. Im lucky as its only 2 months old so am able to return it to the store. Unfortunately they could not swap it.

There should be a warning to users to NOT update the firmware as once it updates its broken forever.