Can't add my Yeelight Smart Lamp 1S Colorful to apple home

Hello, I have Yeelight Smart LED Bulb Smart Lamp 1S Colorful and I can’t add it to my apple home. I point my iPhone on the QR code, he is reading it, but still can’t find the lamp. I’m using same 2.4G wi-fi on the lamp and phone, lamp is turned on and I get the last firmware update for it. MI ID 1602528303. Please help me)

Hello, your lamp is not the latest version. Please upgrade the firmware to version 1.4.2_0076 and try again

For now I don’t have any updates, Yeelight app says that I’m using latest version

Hello, I can’t identify the lamp by scanning the two-dimensional code with Apple HomeKit directly, right? You can try to regenerate the two-dimensional code with the above code. Note that our lamps can only be added to a family with an Apple ID