Yeelight Mesh T43 LED Bulb M2 doesn't really support Bluetooth mesh connection (many to many)

It turns out that these bulbs (YLDP26YL) cannot connect to each other via Bluetooth Mesh as described in product description. I can add the gateway and all the bulbs into Xiaomi Home App when all the bulbs are near the Yeelight Mesh Gateway. But the bulbs can “only” connect to nearby Yeelight Mesh Gateway, not each other. My setting is like this;

  1. There are 4 bulbs installed in one long line, each bulb is 4-5 meters apart.
  2. The gateway is placed around 5 meters away from bulb no.1. Then only bulb no. 1, 2 , 3 are online, not no.4
  3. I tried moving the gateway to the other end of the line, which is near bulb no. 4. Then bulb no. 2, 3, 4 are online, not no. 1

So this means that the bulbs can’t connect to each other. They can only connect directly to the gateway.

I’m I missing something or the product description is misleading?

This bluetooth mesh has no relay fuction

@lihaoran Thank you for your clarification. I think you should not use the word “Mesh” in your product name to prevent misunderstanding.