Filament not showing in Google home

I have 2 coloured bulbs that appear in Google fine. I’ve added my 2x new filament bulbs to same account in yeelight but they do not appear in Google. I have clicked “add to Google home” button from within the yeelight app. How can I control these through Google?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi. Installing devices in the Yeelight app can automatically synchronize with Google Home. Just try refreshing your device in Google Home. All devices that support Access to Google Home work fine

Hi. I have reset the lights on/off 5 times and re added them but still do not show in Google home. Like I said I even clicked on the bulb in yeelight app and clicked add to Google home. The next screen just shows my coloured bulbs being added not the filament bulb. Is there anything else I can try

Hello, please send me your mi account



Hello, I see that the firmware version of the lamp is a little too low in the background, so upgrade it to version 2.1.7_0018 first, refresh it or re-enter it after reset

Ok great. In the yeelight app it’s says firmware is up to date how can I update it? I have reset the bulb and doesn’t show it needs an update


I’ve opened the whitelist. Can you check again and see if there’s an upgrade alert

Thank you. So I have updated the firmware on both bulbs. Then reset the bulbs. Reconnected to yeelight. Clicked add to Google home. Relinked the yeelight app to Google home still only showing my coloured bulbs and not the filament bulbs

Is there anything 3lse I can try or has this been raised as an issue I can track? They still will not show in Google after update